7MML_5.0 “H2o planet”


7MML_ “H2oPLANET” is the new project by 7Milamiglialontano Social promotion Association. It incorporates seven separate and adventurous charity travels which will go on once a year starting in 2019, running across nearly the entire globes’ perimeter.


The twofold objectives are, on one hand, to raise global awareness about the problem of polluted waters on the seacosts and the rivers, through a significant contribution in terms of both images and written contents, and on the other hand to promote fundraising for the No-profit partner organization, to which the entire gain will be given at the end of each journey.


The seven 7MML_5.O “H2oPLANET” journeys will pass through the most part of the globe’s seacoasts, thus completing the kind of travel experience that has always represented our creative way to see the Planet Hearth.
Professional and amateur photographers, video-makers and writers will take part to an adventure that will embrace diverse visions and perspectives.
Each journey will be made up of multiple itineraries and faced with different means of transport (4wd, mountain bike, boat, foot, motorbike).
Moving from different start points, the groups will travel along most of the seacoasts and across the continents, encompassing great lakes and major rivers.
Though different by itinerary, participants, timing, locations and means, the various experiences will be united by sharing the same goals: to raise the awareness over the ecological theme, using the quality of the photographic and written content as a pivot, and to invite people to reflect on the need for a vigorous change of direction.

Ecological sensitivity

Addressing the problem of environmental pollution as if it were solely a question around the waste that we cannot dispose, means taking it into consideration only in its purely technical and material aspect. It is right, urgent and necessary to do so, especially considering that part of the world still denies the existence of an environmental emergency, but it is not enough.
If we won’t be able to shift the cultural debate towards the need to change our life and consumption styles – and therefore our reference values – we will pay dearly for this lack.
From all this derives the need for a care of the environment that does not stop only on the technical intervention, but also on that of aesthetic, ethical and cultural sensibility.
The contribution of 7MML could be just that: promoting an ecological vision and inviting to keep the sea and the world we live in clean.