A path built with
have made available in the name of
volunteering, heart and all of
themselves for the realization of the projects.

Il nostro cammino solidale - 7MML 2019

Start 7MML_5.0 H2oPLANET. With the first of the 7 years of this ambitious project to map the coasts of the planet, we raised funds for the non-profit organization Niños que Esperan, active in the Dominican Republic. The association collaborates with the Niños de Cristo orphanage, responding to the educational needs and of the structure that houses the children. In Africa, a “half” journey due to the pandemic, we supported the projects of Via Etica, Celim, COOPI, SANA, Emergency and Sunu Diiwaan. We are now leaving for Central America!

Il nostro cammino solidale - 7MML 2017

An epic journey: with 7 different means of transport, starting from 7 points of the world, we traveled all over Asia to meet on 17-7-2017 in Kannur, South India, for the symbolic laying of the foundation stone of the workshop school Jyothi Art School. The path started in 2009 with Jyothi Nilaya ends with emotion. In January 2020 the school will start the courses.

Il nostro cammino solidale - 7MML 2015

Around the world. Literally around the world with 2 off-road vehicles to help 7 small or large humanitarian associations and their important projects: Ant, Emergency, Casa delle Donne, Amici della Zizzi, Coopi, Cesvi, Centro Aiuti per l’Etiopia. The focus of the video and photographic project was food, in the sense of culture, tradition, exchange, presence or absence. The photographic book was presented at the Milan EXPO.

Il nostro cammino solidale - 7MML 2012

By land from Monte Rosa to Kathmandu, in Nepal, with the “gnaro” Silvio Mondinelli, an internationally renowned mountaineer, to deliver a pick-up to be set up as an ambulance at the Maleku hospital and raise funds for the Namche Bazar school with the Amici del Monte Rosa Association, founded by the “gnaro”.

Il nostro cammino solidale - 7MML 2009

A journey born to highlight the problem of the condition of minors in the countries of the southern hemisphere, to promote knowledge and dialogue between different cultures and religions. A group of traveling artists left from Mysore, in southern India, heading to Brescia with four Royal Enfield motorcycles to be sold in a charity auction for the twentieth anniversary of the Convenzione Internazionale sui Diritti dell’Infanzia (International Convention on the Rights of the Child). The proceeds were donated to the Jyothi Nilaya association.